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This is Rogers Enterprises Ltd. (REL)

At REL, our main focus is to ensure that workers return home safely to their families each day, through detailed hazard assessment and proper training. This is REL.


Popular Courses

REL specializes in a large variety of training & competency courses, designed to give you the right tools for the job.


Our instructors have a wealth of knowledge in a variety of backgrounds. We always make sure that when you leave the classroom you’re well equipped with the knowledge we have provided. 


From classroom to real world experience. Our facility contains real scenarios that you’ll experience first hand.


Feel confident that you’ll leave our facility ready to take the next steps in your field. We provide a certificate of completion for all courses.


Boost Your Career by Learning Skills in High Demand.

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose REL?

Best Industry Leaders

REL has over 30 years of industry excellence, and a team that has dedicated their career to providing quality training.

Customized Training For Your Industry

Each of our instructors are trained to tune your safety training exactly to the industry you serve.

Professional Certification

Every trainee who successfully completes a course with REL will be provided with a certificate of completion. Same goes for Workplace NL Courses.