Industrial Hygiene


Rogers Enterprises Ltd., (REL) recommends regular checks for potential health hazards in the workplace.  How safe is your environment?

Potential health hazards may arise when employees are exposed to environmental agents that may contain harmful properties.  REL offers a variety of Industrial Hygiene Services to mitigate employee exposure to environmental agents in the workplace.

Some of our services that REL offers include:

   Air Quality Sampling & Management Plans
   Asbestos Sampling & Identification
   Cold & Heat Stress
    Ergonomic Evaluation & Design
    Fumes / Mist / Dust Sampling
    Gas Detection

Some o:f our servies that REL offers include

   Hazardous Material Assessment
   Hygiene Assessment
   Cold & Heat Stress
    Illumination / Lighting Surveys
    Noise Testing
    Ventilation Testing & Design