Asbestos Abatement Techniques

Course Overview

This training program has been designed to meet the requirements of the Provincial Asbestos Abatement Regulations.  Supervisors and workers involved with asbestos abatement  projects are required to complete asbestos abatement training.  The training course is designed with classroom lecture / discussion and practical exercises to provide potential asbestos workers with the skills and information necessary to work safely and effectively while handling asbestos.

Course Duration:  3 days

Who should attend?

Construction workers;  Demolition workers;  Remediation workers; or anyone who maybe in contact with or disturb asbestos


 Call REL for course schedule

and seat availability

Curriculum Topics: 

Asbestos Personal Protection Equipment and Uses
∗  Friable and Non-Friable Products
∗  Friable Sprayed Products used in Buildings
∗  Insulation used on Mechanical Systems
∗  Health Officials - Occupational and Non-Occupational Regulations
∗  Classifications of Asbestos Type I, II & III
∗  Respiratory Protection and Selection
∗  Respiratory Maintenance Program
∗  Respirator Fit Testing and Use
∗  Hands-on Training (glove-bag methods and small enclosure)

Note:  Participants must bring personal protective equipment.