Chainsaw Safety

Course Overview

This training program has been designed for chainsaw operators.  The program consists of classroom discussion with group and individual assignments, review of relevant Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) Regulations,  and hands-on, practical exercises covering essential saw maintenance, correct chain filing procedures and safe cutting techniques.

Course Duration:  1 day

Who should attend?

This program is designed for participants who have little or no working knowledge of the health and safety regulations for operating a chainsaw on a construction site or industrial establishment.


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Curriculum Topics: 

Safe Use and Handling
∗  Inspection and Maintenance of Equipment
∗  Fueling
∗  Sharpening
∗  Cleaning
∗  Adjusting
∗  Pruning / Limbing
∗  Felling Techniques
∗  Storage
∗  Hazard Assessment / Job Task Analysis
∗  Required Personal Protective Equipment
∗  Legislation requirements

Note:  Participants must bring personal protective equipment.