Electrical Arc Flash Safety Recertification

Course Overview

This training program has been designed for both "Qualified" Electrical Workers and Electrical Safety Specialists, who are responsible for electrical systems and  electrical safety programs who have previously completed the 2-Day Arc Flash Safety course. 

This training is required every 3 years to maintain a level of awareness in electrical safety work practices and requirements under CSA Z462 standard Workplace Electrical Safety.

Course Duration:  2 day

Who should attend?

All personnel involved in performing electrical switching operations.  

This includes:    Electricians;  Electricial Technicians and Technologists;  Electrical Engineers;  HVAC Technicans;  Plant Operations personnel;  and Occupational Health and Safety Professionals. 

Note:  Participants are required to show proof of current Electrical Arc Flash certificate in order to register for this course.



 Call REL for course schedule

and seat availability

Curriculum Topics: 

OH&S Regulations, Standards and Best Practices
Understanding Electricity in the Workplace
∗  Electrical Hazards:  Understanding the Danger
∗  Electrical Hazard Analysis
∗  Establishing an Electrical Safe Work Condition
∗  Engineering and Administrative Controls
∗  Electrical Tools and Equipment
∗  Personal Protective Equipment
∗  Emergency Response
∗  Incident Reporting

Note:  Participants must bring personal protective equipment.