Confined Space (Level II) Entry

Course Overview

This training program is intended for supervisors and employees who will be entering a confined space to complete work. 

Day 1 of the training includes all of the training material covered in the one-day Confined Space Awareness  course, combined with Day 2 which involves hands-on practical exercises in the classroom and on our industrial Confined Space Simulator.

REL's training program and instructors are WorkplaceNL Approved and Certified.

Course Duration:  2 day

Who should attend?

All personnel including supervisors and employees who will be entering a confined space. 


This is a 2 Day Course – Dates below list the first day the course commences:

Curriculum Topics: 

∗  Hands-on use of the Gas Detector (Bump Test Gas Detector and Gas Testing of the Confined Space Simulator)
∗  Completion of Practical Confined Space Entry using Fall Arrest Harness and Tripod, SCBA, and Gas Detector

Complete a CSE Permit to be used for entry into the Confined Space Simulator
∗  Inspect and verify implementation of Energy Isolations
∗  Hands-on use of the SCBA (pre-use inspection / donning for entry into the Confined Space Simulator)
∗  Hands-on use of the Emergency Response Equipment (Tripod)
∗  Setting up the Tripod on the Confined Space Simulator
∗  Hands-on practical use of the Fall Arrest Harness
∗  Hazard Assessment / Job Task Analysis
∗  Assignment of Roles (safety watch)

Note:  Participants must bring personal protective equipment.