Advanced Gas Tester

Course Overview

This training program has been designed to the site specific needs and equipment used by the Client.   The program provides the essential knowledge and practical skills necessary for participants to become proficient in the proper use of gas detection instrumentation when conducting gas testing in hazardous areas.  It is intended to outline the role of a Gas Tester in preventing workplace accidents related to the presence of hazardous gases.

Course Duration:  1 day

Who should attend?

Participants should include personnel involved in the detection of hazardous gases prior to entry into a confined space or who work around hazardous areas where toxic and/or flammable gases may be present.


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Curriculum Topics: 

Introduction to Gas Detection
∗  Chemicals and Physical Properties of Chemicals and Gas Laws
∗  Gas Detectors Instrument Characteristics
∗  Gas Testing Strategies
∗  Gas Detectors - Principles of Operation
∗  Gas Detectors - Major Components
∗  Gas Detectors - Performance Characteristics

Note:  Participants must bring personal protective equipment.