Fall Protection Recertification

Course Overview

This training program has been designed to address the safety concerns associated with working from heights.   The purpose of this program is to ensure that participants understand fall protection safety principles and how they apply to real work environments.

Participants will receive theoretical and practical training with fall protection devices.   Participants will receive training with fall protection devices donning a fall arrest harness and practice suspension trauma relief techniques while suspended 6 inches off the floor from an engineered anchor point installed in our training facility. 

REL ‘s Fall Protection Recertification training program and instructors are WorkplaceNL Approved and Certified. 


Participants are required to show proof of current WorkplaceNL approved Fall Protection Training Certificate in order to register.

Participants with expired certificates will be required to take 2 Day course.

Course Duration:  1 day

Who should attend?

All persons who work at heights above (2.4 metres - Federal Regulations or 3.0 metres NL Provincial Regulations) and who are exposed to fall hazards should attend this training program.  

Upcoming Course Dates:

Curriculum Topics: 

Accident Statistics for Falls from Heights
Legislative Requirements (Federal / CAPP / CSA)
∗  Hazards of elevated Working at Heights
∗  Fall Prevention Techniques
∗  Fall Arrest System Components
∗  Fall Arest Configurations
∗  Proper Fitting of Fall Arrest Systems
∗  Fall Arrest System Inspections (including anchor points)
∗  Calculation of Fall Distance
∗  Suspension Trauma Relief Techniques

Note:  Participants must bring personal protective equipment.