Mold Abatement Awareness

Course Overview

This training program has been designed to to provide the knowledge and skills required to work safely with mold.

It's purpose is also to develop an understanding of the importance of compliance and legislative guidelines, along with the potential health effects of mold exposure.

Course Duration:  1 day

Who should attend?

This program is designed for participants who are involved with tasks that include mold removal or mold remediation.

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Curriculum Topics: 

Introduction to Mold
∗  Communication
∗  Evaluation of Investigation Findings
∗  Determination of Remediation Scope
∗  Administrative Controls
∗  Remediation Practical Considerations
∗  Mold Abatement Procedure - A1 - Minor Mold
∗  Mold Abatement Procedure - A2 - Moderate Mold
∗  Mold Abatement Procedure - A3 - Major Mold

Note:  Participants must bring personal protective equipment.