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Electrical Arc flash Recertification

Duration: 1 (Custom Lengths Available)

This training program is designed for “Qualified” Electrical persons responsible for electrical systems and electrical safety programs, who have previously completed the 2-Day Arc Flash Safety Training. This training is required every 3 years to maintain a level of awareness in electrical safety work practices and requirements under CSA Z462 standard Workplace Electrical Safety.

Topics Covered:
Introduction to Arc Flash
OH&S Regulations, Standards and Best Practices
Understanding Electricity in the Workplace
Electrical Hazards: Understanding the Danger
Electrical Hazard Analysis
Establishing an Electrical Safe Work Condition
Engineering and Administrative Controls
Electrical Specific Personal Protective Equipment
Electrical Tools & Equipment
Emergency Response, Incident Reporting and Program Maintenance
Note: Participants are required to show proof of current Electrical Arc Flash training certificate in order to register for this course.

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